I certainly am and proudly so.

Even though according to one published email where someone asked Chomsky if he would vote for Ron Paul over Sarah Palin, Chomsky answered with a "no".

Note he did not say he would vote for Palin or anyone else here.  I could imagine Chomsky has never had a chance to vote for someone whose overall policies he would support. If he does not believe in voting for the lesser evil - he may not vote anybody.

They are absolutely on the same page in terms of probably the most important issue: Foreign politics in particular wars and interventions.

Both have very reasonable although quite different approaches to solving US internal issues.

The horrific unconstitutional and expensive six wars the US is fighting now worldwide, are for me by far the biggest issue as it also directly linked to the debt/inflation problem and making the USA a target for terrorism.

As president, Ron Paul would not even need the approval of Congress or any Generals to withdraw the troops and bases - this is the one thing he could definitely do.

For anything else he would have to convince Congress. Ron Paul would not start another war without asking Congress first as the constitution demands. Ron Paul would do his best to return America to a democracy.

I am with Chomsky and for his participatory economics but I would be extremely happy if we "only" get rid of the decade long war business that created so much hatred against the US and weakened the dollar to a soon unavoidable collapse.

Both Chomsky and Paul are for less government, no wars for profit of a few, and more power to the people in particular the middle class and poor.