Topic: The greatest achievements of media spin, propaganda, marketing and ads

Here are some current propaganda achievements (sever factual distortions) that come to my mind in no particular order:

1) Underestimation of the power of marketing to the individual: many people believe advertising does not affect them (internet, TV); even many clever and ethically responsible bloggers have no problems displaying ads on their websites.

2) Overestimating the competency, accuracy and benevolence (towards its audience) of mainstream (=corporate) media

3) It is "normal" for politicians having to engage in costly marketing campaigns and raise money for these (this alone almost makes sure only system maintainers i.e. non-changers can win and money is wasted i.e. circulated adding to "healthy" growth of the GDP). A simple 100$ website with credentials and political positions on important issues would do the job for every voter who really cares and give everyone a chance to get elected not just the rich.

4) In the US and also in other countries, high ranking politicians do not need to meet a minimum standard of competency or any formal qualifications - this is a non issue for the media.

5) In the US media like FOX News can repeatedly get caught with lies and obvious major manipulation attempts without any consequences - most of us find this normal (because it is no issue in the news)

6) Mass-consumption i.e. consumerism/planned obsolescence is a good thing (USA mostly but other countries moving there)

7) The share market is important and only good for us if it is going up (ever wondered why they show daily share market fluctuations (that practically nobody needs to see in the news), all the time in banners in the news in the US and also already in Australia). We are also made believe that stock index growth equals a healthy growing economy that is good for us.

8) Oversupply of labour (a high unemployment rate) necessarily leads to lower life quality - and everyone needs to get employed full time asap. This is maybe the biggest successful deception in my opinion.

9) It is ok to attack peoples self esteem, privacy/attention by forced exposure to unwanted ads (newspapers, TV, internet, signs on buildings/walls, T-shirts etc..)

10) It is ok for many selected actors, many politicians, many bankers, CEOs, investors, musicians, sports people and other "celebrities" and other marketing "products" to earn many times the income of e.g. a teacher or hard working carpenter. In fact the media seriously and successfully suggest to admire/celebrate these people, see them as winners and successful.

We even throw more money at them by reading and watching how much fun they have with their jobs... none of the mainstream media even questions a system that supports and increases such extremes.