Topic: How do I change my password into something memorable?

Log on and go to your profile.

Under your user name you will find the change password option.



Re: How do I change my password into something memorable?

Judging from the relatively high number of views of this admittedly a little ambiguous topic title some people may be looking for ideas how to create a memorable password in general.

Well,  a few ideas come to my mind that may be helpful to some (while excluding my own methods of course):

1) choose your favourite (we always remember favorites..) special character e.g. the dash "-" and use it in a systematic fashion within your password e.g. "pa-ss--wo---rd3"
2) use words that are in no dictionary but make sense to you e.g. a funny made up or mis-pronounced but cute memorable word that you perhaps used in your childhood or with your children e.g. feladi  - a young children version of ferrari
3) use words in a rare language (use google translate!) and combine it with at least one letter e.g. psomi5 could mean 5 bred in Greek if I remember correctly.. if it is not correct its even safer!
4) use 2 words which are in different languages
5) use at least 6 characters with at least one special character and one number and a shift character
6) use password A for less important and password B for important sites (never mix A and B)

Well, I am sure there are more ideas to create memorable safe passwords if you google a bit - but at least you don't leave this topic totally disappointed if you came here for that :)

And perhaps one day someone is brave enough to post something here...