Topic: Watch democracy related and other documentaries for free online

Here are some websites that provide free access to movies / videos that are not necessarily shown much in mainstream media. Why?

Many of them do a fantastic job pointing out weaknesses in various democratic countries and their economies.

However, as with anything else, a few are poorly made or lack hard evidence and may go a little far with their claims. It is always good to do your own independent fact checking.

http://documentaryheaven.com/  great selection, many categories, most working well

http://www.sprword.com great resource for watching free documentaries, also great alternative News!

http://dprogram.net/  click on the pictures on left and right or search, most working well

http://freedocumentaries.org/  great selection and good for finding interesting videos but not all working

and of course don't forget, http://youtube.com/ has many excellent documentary videos sometimes even full length and not just 20min segments which you may have to stick together.

Here is a list of blog related recommended documentaries http://www.globalpowergames.com/forumx/ … c.php?id=7

Although some sources do their best to work with the movie producers agreement and some are even free, some may be infringing or assist with infringing copyrights. If you find a movie informative, I am sure the producers would appreciate if you purchase a DVD (if available) or at least promote the movie with word of mouth or otherwise.


Re: Watch democracy related and other documentaries for free online

Here is an interesting website / startup that offers videos with subtitles in many languages: DotSub.com.  http://dotsub.com

Anyone can upload and translate transcripts. The company dotsub has recently become the platform to translate the popular TED talks in many languages using its crowd sourcing according to

http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2009/05/ … its-talks/

Here is a interview with the founder of dotsub.com http://vimeo.com/13042693

So this is not only a good source for videos but also a chance to actively contribute to help distributing important documentaries throughout different cultures - if you speak anotehr language or simply create the first transcript or even just upload a video there - so someone else may volunteer to the next step.


Re: Watch democracy related and other documentaries for free online

Here is another good source: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com